Our Process

It's ALL about planning

What to expect

We are a versatile team that rolls with the punches when needed; however 10+ years of experience have shown us time and time again that detailed planning is essential for a successful launch. Our Process starts by listening to your idea, needs, and wants, then we match those with our offerings and begin working on the foundations of your project. Once we have built a prototype, we’ll determine an estimate and a timeline for development and we get to work.

The planning stage is crucial to help us thoroughly explore your idea, technologies we’ll use, and give you an accurate idea of times/costs so that you can align your marketing efforts, budgets and other considerations for launch.


This is how we do it

Are We A Match?

Let's find out what your needs are and review any wireframes, prototypes, and/or RFP's and see if we can be of assistance.

Creating The Blueprint

Just like building a home, we'll help you create a blueprint (prototype) for your project. You can share this with associates to further validate your idea, as well as to discover its' strengths and weaknesses.

How Much? How Long?

Once we have helped you solidify the idea then we can give you an estimate of cost and time to build your software.

Game Time

This is where we work our magic to bring your idea to life. We run our QA process concurrently to make sure it is showtime ready.


Support, further development, and maintenance are available on contractual basis.

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