Mobile App Development

Swift, Java & React Native

Why a mobile app?

A mobile app provides many advantages over a web app, and it’s very important to understand how those could apply to your project. A mobile app will allow you to make full use of the hardware of the mobile device such as the camera, microphone, accelerometer, gps, faceID, push notifications, etc. This allows for users to have a more interactive and personalized experience with what you are trying to accomplish. A mobile app will also allow users to work on “offline mode” if desired, making it so that areas with poor connectivity (or lack thereof) will be able to continue working without a problem.

Why Inclan?

Scouting, hiring, managing, and retaining your own team is full of challenges and it can quickly drain your resources. At Inclan Interactive your dollars go farther, things get done faster, with a seasoned team of designers, project managers, developers, and QA engineers. We can help you land your idea, create a prototype, develop your MVP, expand and iterate that MVP, and maintain it. Our mobile app development team is second to none. After successfully deploying dozens of mobile applications, we can become your technology partner and help you reach your goals. We code in native languages: Swift and Java; as well as in React Native.

Apps we have created 

This is how we do it

Are We A Match?

Let's find out what your needs are and review any wireframes, prototypes, and/or RFP's and see if we can be of assistance.

Creating The Blueprint

Just like building a home, we'll help you create a blueprint (prototype) for your project. You can share this with associates to further validate your idea, as well as to discover its' strengths and weaknesses.

How Much? How Long?

Once we have helped you solidify the idea then we can give you a ballpark estimate of cost and time to build your software.

Game Time

This is where we work our magic to bring your idea to life. We run our QA process concurrently to make sure it is showtime ready.


Support, further development, and maintenance are available on contractual basis.

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