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Your software platform (mobile app, web app, cloud server or website) has many moving parts and it requires maintenance to keep operating properly. Just like a car, it is always better to be proactive than to wait until the damage caused by bugs requires costly repairs. Our software maintenance plan works on four different levels:

Corrective Maintenance

A client or your team discover a bug. It can be something minor or something that shuts down your entire system. When a scenario like this happens, you need to have a trusted team that can rapidly find the problem and fix it. You can count on the expertise of Inclan Interactive to help you correct the bug and get you back on track with as little down time as possible.

Preventive Maintenance

There are many different elements that need to work in harmony for your software to work properly: Browsers, operating systems, hardware, programming languages, among others. Most of them will be updated without you knowing it, and that can render your software obsolete. Preventive Maintenance allows for our team to stay on top of these changes, and take action when needed to prevent these issues when possible.

Adaptive Maintenance

As your business evolves you may need to connect to other software platforms, or even offer a public API so other people can connect to you. Adaptive Maintenance allows you the flexibility to tap into all these resources and expand your operation by playing nicely with other platforms to benefit your users and your bottom line.

Perfective Maintenance

Your team and/or customers use your software everyday and love it; however you have discovered that some additional functionality could make it even more powerful, attract more clients and increase revenue. Perfective Maintenance allows you to plan these additions to your platform in small increments that make it easy on your pocket and provide your business with additional benefits.

How it works?

Since we opened our doors in 2009, we realized how many of our clients came to us with different maintenance needs. Their original teams were not in business anymore or nowhere to be found. You need a team you can count on, on your same time zone, and that can provide you with the certainty you need.

We will sit down with you and discover your immediate needs and long term goals. Then we’ll chart out the appropriate plan to first correct any bugs and imminent problems, and then works towards perfecting your platform.


What will you have access to?

  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • API Development
  • UI/UX Design (discovery, wireframing & prototyping)
  • Project Management
  • QA Team
  • Cloud Server Management
  • CTO Consulting

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