Processes Optimization

With over 400 employees and operations in 5 Western states, KyCo Services has quickly become the leading full service drywall in the Intermountain West. The company quickly learned that much of their back office work flow was effective for a small operation, but it was a major drag as they kept growing. Soon the company found itself with extremely long cash cycles, miscommunications, having to hire additional staff to keep track, and boxes of documents per job.

KyCo Services approched Inclan Interactive to help consolidate all these processes into a powerful web based application that could be accessed by their staff. Job creationg, tracking, estimation, payroll and accounting were all brought into one massively beautiful piece of software.

In addition an iPad application was released for superintendents on the field to be able to keep track of different tasks and communicate them immediately back to the home office.

These guys were the best to work with. The software they built is a game changer for us!

Kyle Morris

CEO, KyCo Services

Mobile App Development

iOS – Swift

UI/UX Design

Design and implementation

Custom Programming

PHP and Angular

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