5 Ways to Tell

You’re a younger company. Or a new start-up. Or you’ve been around for 150 years. You have an okay website (or no website) and you stay active on social media (or you avoid it because you find it scary). No matter how new, big, or active online you are a lot of companies wonder the same thing:

How could our website be better?

Never fear! The answers are here! Below are 5 ways to tell if you would benefit from a website overhaul.

  1. Your customers would benefit from one.

You get a lot of complaints that no one can find anything. Or it doesn’t load fast enough (or at all sometimes). Your clients can’t open it on their phones. No one seems to be able to access the most important parts of your website.

     2. Your employees (and you) would benefit from one.

Click this and… nothing happens. Again. It’s the 13th time today that you’ve had to call someone about that particular problem on the website. You’re spending hours every day dealing with issues from the website or dealing with other people complaining to you about the issues they’re having with the website.

     3. The last time you looked at your website was in the late 90s.

I get it, everyone gets busy, sometimes things just fall to the side and you forget about them. Your website should NOT be one of the things you neglect. Without a great website you are losing customers and clients daily. What’s January for if not for making big changes for the better?

    4. You’ve changed your image/logo/branding colors/etc.

If your company image has gotten an overhaul, the chances are that your website needs one too. What better way to reveal the fact that your selling widgets instead of trinkets then with a beautiful new website?

    5. Your company has grown.

Business is booming! Which is great, of course, but if your website can’t handle the volume of visits then you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Perhaps the website your cousin’s boyfriend’s roommate made for you two years ago was great when you were first starting out, but it’s time to upgrade to the big leagues.

If any (or all) of these seem to strike a chord with you, then you should look into getting the website your business deserves. We at Inclan Interactive are happy to refer you to one of our trusted partners for a brand new site!

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