Imagine this: You’re unwinding from a long work day, catching up on a little TV and a commercial comes on from your favorite restaurant. You watch as the featured item, let’s say a burger, sizzles on the grill as the cheese melts. You know you just ate dinner, but that burger looks so good and all of a sudden you’re hungry again and craving a burger. Sound familiar? It happens to the best of us. Besides making me hungry again, this proves the power of video.

It all started when three co-workers founded YouTube, a site designed for video streaming and sharing. Then over time, apps such as Vine popped up, and then Instagram and Facebook adopted the ability to post and share videos. Every day, with every new app, a video’s influence grows stronger.

In Instagram’s latest pitch to brands, they have upped the time limit on ad videos from 15 seconds to 30 seconds (similar to the length of time for an average television ad). Brands have also seen the effectiveness of YouTube ads. Video is taking over. And the age group companies have seen the most success with is, you guessed it, millenials. Because this generation is most comfortable with the advancements of technology and presence of social media in everyday life, they are easiest to reach and likely the most receptive to the information contained in the videos.

Today, millennials use video for more than just entertainment. In an Animoto study, it is revealed that eight of of ten millennials find video helpful when researching a product or service. How it works is just as, if not more important, than what its purpose is or who is offering it. As a result, video can help customers through the purchasing process. When consumers see a video of a product or service in action, they are much more likely to purchase.

Videos also help to create buzz on social networks. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerburg, revealed that its users watch 4 billion video streams every single day. Is yours on of them? Millennial consumers heavily follow brands on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Video can be used to engage followers. Without it, brands also run the risk of disinteresting followers without videos.

And lastly, it’s beneficial to understand that millennial consumers prefer video to text, and consider a company an expert on their product when they have a video on their product. But furthermore, video helps drive results. Tweets and posts contain video are 28% more likely to be shared and produce a high conversion.

So, with that said, does your business utilize video as a form of marketing? With sponsored ads on Instagram, suggested videos on Facebook, and videos as a preview to YouTube content, now is the time to jump on the trend of using video to brand and marketing your company and its products.

Inclan Interactive is excited to offer video production services. From start to finish, we have you covered. Your business could only benefit from an investment such as this. Call us when you’re ready to begin! We’re excited for your business’s potential!

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