Every business has to make decisions regarding the future developments of the company. Having an integrated business software system should be a green-lighted decision.  With so many different aspects of a company’s structure such as payroll, inventory management, ecommerce, order and fulfillment management, it can become quite difficult and at times frustrating to have a separate systems for each one. Add in multiple locations and you have a situation that could potentially and seriously spin out of control.

So with that said, let’s get into why an integrated system will benefit your business:

  1. Process Efficiency Across Your Organization

Automating daily processes such as order management, fulfillment, and cash collection will help you avoiding hiring more employees (thus reducing any potential payroll expenses), and reassign current employees to activities that directly correlate to your business’ innovation and growth. Nucleus found that, by using an integrated suite, companies accelerated their financial close times by up to 50%, increase sales productivity by 12.5%, and increase inventory turns by 50%, amongst other efficiencies.


  1. Accelerated Growth

When you have an integrated, easily managed system, there is less of burden when you want to expand and start a new location. Additional sales channels can be added faster because of a unified (or integrated) system making transfer of information quick and painless. Let’s take Beyond the Rack for example. The company was started in 2009 and was able to rapidly serve over 4 million customers by deploying an integrated system. Even if your anticipated growth is small, an integrated system will do wonders for your current operation and for your peace of mind as a business owner.


  1. Improved Customer Service

An important aspect of good customer service, in my opinion, is to quickly respond and address the problem your customer has. When you have an integrated system, information is easier to access, you eliminate the middle man, and are able to provide efficient customer service. And when you treat your customers right, they are much more like to come return…and bring other with them. That translates to increased sales as well.


  1. Improved Work Environment

We mentioned that an integrated system would give you, as a business owner, some peace of mind, but we didn’t mention the ones working for you. I’m sure you can guess that an integrated system would make the lives with your employees easy and help them perform their job more consistently. Contrary to what some believe, increasing the amount of technology used means your employees have more time on activities that are non-tech related, like customer interaction. And at the end of the day, when your employees have less to worry about, they’ll likely give you better more meaningful work.


In conclusion, systems integration can often seem like a burden or an unnecessary change. We get it, but we can guarantee you that this change will only increase the vitality of your business. Business, especially when it’s growing fast can be difficult to keep track of, not to mention the potential for lost information, bottlenecks, or heaven forbid a system being discontinued or broken down. Integrated business softwares are transforming how companies run and helping them avoid the growing pains and take their business to the next level.

Let us help you with that. At Inclan Interactive, we are equipped for almost any project. If a system integration software sounds like something you’re interested in, contact us today.

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