You’ve undoubtedly spent, or are considering spending, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on your business software. Even the smallest new companies can’t get away from spending hundreds, even when it’s their precious startup capital. Maybe you felt pressure from the peers in your industry to only operate using that one suite. Maybe your accountant is limited to that one program. Or perhaps it seemed to be the best solution with the most options before you understood the full scope of your business software needs. Whether for inventory management, logistics, supply chain management, CRM, accounting, e-commerce, credit card processing, or a combination of these software solutions, you bought into it. You installed it with the high hopes and goals that it would streamline your operations, save you loads of time, bank you wheelbarrows of money, and help you feel confident in the face of your competition. So ask yourself these questions and answer them sincerely in order to gauge how well your current software is helping your business achieve its goals.

  1. Do I own my software, or does it seem to own me?

Aside from entering some initial data for setup and individual transaction information, does your software require constant babysitting or fidgeting with settings and preferences in order to produce accurate and helpful results? Or worse, have you considered hiring someone exclusively to do data entry and keep an eye on your software just so you can have time to do the business of doing your business?

  1. When I open my software, what is my gut feeling?

When you click on that clever little icon to open that program, do you feel impending anxiety, anger, frustration, guilt or any level of regret? Do you find yourself avoiding that icon on your desktop throughout your day because of one or more of the aforementioned reasons?

  1. Does my software streamline my relationship with my vendors and customers?

How many times do you have to call, fax, email, or confirm details of a purchase order or receipt with your vendors and customers, which ought to be automated? Do you cringe when you think about how behind you are on reaching out to thank them, build rapport, and strengthen your professional relationships with vendors and customers?

  1. Shouldn’t I really be outsourcing that?

What are you in business for? How are you actually spending your time? How much of your time are you wasting using a software program to do things that take you away from doing the business of doing your business? Is it something that another professional could do far better and faster than you, without requiring your micro-management…further eating into your valuable time?

  1. Is my business software integrated with my website and other points of sale?

How many extra steps do you feel you have in your sales process because your accounting, inventory management, and logistics software solutions are NOT automated and speaking directly to your website’s e-commerce, credit card processing, mobile payment, or other critical points of sale?

If you are like many other businesses, you’ve now determined that your software’s inefficiencies are getting in the way of your goals. Perhaps you are satisfied with the performance of certain aspects of some of your software solutions but frustrated with others. Believe it or not, your company doesn’t have to continue operating in a paradigm where software limitations are allowed to hold the potential of your growing business hostage.

Enter INCLAN INTERACTIVE. We specialize in working with what you already have that is working, and developing real solutions for those gray areas and black holes that hinder your progress and thwart your company’s goals. Browse our website to learn more about how we can help, or CLICK HERE to contact us.

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